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Resident Portal FAQ

Welcome to the Resident Portal FAQ Page. Please read below to find more information about what the Resident Portal is and how to obtain access if you are a resident.

What is the Resident Portal?

The Resident Portal provides residents of Ox Bottom Crest access to password protected pages of our website.

What information can I find on there?

The Resident Portal has four main areas of interest: (1) Contact Management, (2) Inquiry Tracking Page, (3) Meeting Minutes Archive Library, and (4) Governing Documents and Contracts.


What are some of the benefits to using it?

The Resident Portal gives residents access to information that is not found anywhere else on our website. Therefore, residents no longer have to wait a period of time to be sent commonly requested items. Contacting management through the Resident Portal will also expedite your inquiry. Residents can utilize an address drop-down menu instead of having to type their full address in each time. The Resident Portal is also designed to alert management of your request and assign it the appropriate review category. Residents who contact management through the Resident Portal can also follow the progress of their request using the tracking page.


How do I log in?

At the top of our website is a menu bar with a contact circle that says "Log In". Click there and you will be directed to a log in page where you must enter your e-mail and password. Many residents already had accounts created on their behalf. Those residents should have received an e-mail notifying them of such. To review this e-mail, please click here.


My e-mail is not working / I need an account set up

If you believe you already have an account, but are unable to access the Resident Portal, or you need an account set up for you, please navigate to our Contact Us page and submit a Resident Portal request by selecting "Resident Portal Account" in the subject drop down menu. Only requests that are submitted through the Contact Us page will be reviewed and approved. If your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail notifying you on how to change your password and access your account. Management will not be alerted if a request is submitted through the Sign Up page of our portal. This is to ensure that each request is appropriately identified as being a resident of the Ox Bottom Crest community.

How do I navigate the portal?

Once you have logged in, the contact circle will change to a white downward arrow. Clicking on this arrow will show a drop-down menu with all the pages available within the Resident Portal. Residents who are logged into the portal can also continue to navigate through the publicly viewable pages of the website by using the menu at the top of the website.

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